South Fork overview

Our current interim has given us wonderful opportunity for prayer and self-reflection. We pray that God will guide our interpretation of the following observations such that South Fork will be a strategic church bringing glory to God and advancing His Kingdom. Our observations:

DRIVING VALUES : Scripture  Service  Worship  Discipleship  Community  Equipping Leaders  Missions  Youth & Children  Loving God and Others  Heritage of the South Fork Church  Training Ground for Vocational Ministers

STRENGTHS (What we do well) : Welcoming church  Dedicated to preaching and teaching the Gospel  Fellowship  Sense of family  Getting done what needs to be done  Christian education  Missions (Commitment to over 20% of budget)  Retain relationships with past ministers and members  Utilize various types of media (In house and social)  Open to accept change when it is explained  Servant attitude among leadership

WEAKNESSES :(What we do that needs improvement): Church name (Change to “Christian Church)  Intentional welcoming ministry  Community outreach – having a presence in communities where we live  Follow up with those absent from worship services and visitors  Not having a youth minister (Seeking part time youth minister once preaching minister in place)  Location (7898 Johnson Rd., Rochester, Illinois 62563)  Need upgrades in technology (Internet service challenges given rural location)  Minister is only staff member in the building during the week  Intentional disciple-making/mentoring of new members  Engagement with missions we support (regular communication, visiting on site, etc.)  Land-locked and limited space in building (need a welcome area)  Internal communication (what's happening church-wide)  Housing opportunities for minister    Though we are blessed with mature, faithful Christians we lack young adult disciples  We rejoice that over 60% of our worshippers attend Sunday School, but note that attendance is declining.