South Fork Church of Christ

Preaching Minister Description


     The preaching minister at South Fork Church of Christ is to shepherd as did Jesus Christ: 

  • modelling a prayer filled life, submitted to God, (Mk 1:35, Mt 21:13, Luke 22:42-44) 
  • boldly preaching Biblical truth, (Lk 4:18-19, 2 Tim 3:16, 2 Tim 4:2) 
  • compassionately serving people, (Mt 9:36, Mk 10:45) 
  • urgently making disciples, (Lk 10:2, Mt 28:19-20) 
  • humbly leading toward the fulfillment of God’s plan; (Phil 2:1-11).

In partnership with the Preaching Minister our elders and ministry leaders will model and encourage every member of South Fork Church of Christ to minister through the faithful stewardship of our spiritual gifts, time, abilities and financial resources. Our Preaching Minister will receive the prayerful support, partnership, help, counsel, encouragement, guidance, patience and loyalty of our elders.


     The Preaching Minister at South Fork is our lead communicator of biblical truth to our current and potential members. His primary ministry is the preaching of God’s word consistent with the meaning and intent of the biblical texts in such a way as to challenge and motivate hearers to be submitted to and live for Christ. The Preaching Minister at South Fork is considered a full-time employee.

Whereas the Preaching Minister at South Fork Church of Christ will be given adequate office time and space to study, to prepare well-crafted sermons and to complete and be available for other ministry responsibilities; he will be encouraged to be out in our communities (Rochester, Edinburg, Breckenridge, Berry, etc.) and to be involved in appropriate community activities and organizations.

     The Preaching Minister at South Fork Church of Christ leads the ministry staff, including both paid and volunteer ministry leaders, toward accomplishing our calling and mission. He will teach, model and equip church members and ministry leaders to live, worship and serve together as the church Christ envisioned and to faithfully undertake our commission. He will help nurture the body of Christ with loving, sacrificial, compassionate service in partnership with our elders and ministry leaders.


    The Preaching Minister shall be a Christ-centered servant who is an effective and articulate preacher, teacher, equipper, evangelist, and collaborative servant-leader meeting the biblical expectations for a church elder.

  • The Preaching Minister shall have the ability to plan, organize, and administer church related ministries.
  • The Preaching Minister should have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with a major or equivalent in Bible/ministry studies from an accredited college or university acceptable to the South Fork elders.
  • The Preaching Minister should be comfortable with the use of technology in ministry.
  • The Preaching Minister should have previously had at least three years employment by a local church. Additionally, cross cultural mission experience is desirable.

Personal Qualities

     The Preaching Minister at South Fork Church of Christ will be expected to:           

  • model an ever growing, disciplined, fruitful, self-controlled and increasingly Christ-like life
  • interact engagingly with friends and strangers; be approachable
  • be above reproach, modeling godly character and integrity
  • be an eager, life-long learner be dedicated to his family, exhibiting loving care in balancing family and ministry responsibilities
  • be a servant-leader, showing the humility and attitude of Jesus Christ
  • have a heart for unleashing the ministry potential of Spirit filled paid and volunteer leaders
  • have a loving, caring and relational passion for people such that he has an eagerness to reach those who do not know Christ
  • be compassionate toward all peoples.


     The Preaching Minister will partner with our elders and ministry leaders to assure that:

  • South Fork has vibrant, spirit filled worship services sharing the gospel clearly through sermon, song and testimony
  • preaching and teaching consistently inspires and challenges, encouraging the spiritual growth of the congregation by boldly exposing and applying biblical truth
  • South Fork disciples regularly and consistently become disciple makers
  • weddings, funerals and other family care ministry needs are well served
  • South Fork is actively engaged in our mission and purpose
  • ministry leaders are being equipped and increasingly effective
  • supported mission partners are championed, encouraged, cared for and visited
  • the best means are sought and utilized to inform and connect the South Fork church family
  • South Fork Church of Christ Bylaws and other adopted policies are followed
  •   kingdom workers are being sought, equipped and sent out to reap the harvest
  • South Fork appropriately participates in and supports community ecumenical events
  • children, youth, families, adults and seniors know they are highly valued at South Fork
  • contact and care is appropriately given to ill, shut-in, delinquent and potential members.

     South Fork Church of Christ realizes that the details of effective and fruitful ministry in our smaller rural church context must be ever changing, thus this list of expectations is not intended to be a checklist but is intended to show the scope of ministry of the Preaching Minister of our church. Realizing the extent of this ministry, we are committed to serving side by side with our preaching minister and annually reviewing expectations, but in the end we must, in fairness, add “and other expectations as may be assigned by the elders.”

South Fork Church of Christ Exists to Proclaim the Gospel of Christ and Make more

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