South Fork Church of Christ

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Thank you for willingness to aid in our search for the next Preaching Minister at South Fork Church of Christ. We hope the accompanying materials paint an accurate picture of South Fork and will help identify a minister who may be well suited to serve God here. Though in the past, our preaching ministers have generally come to South Fork as young men, biblical passion rather than age better describes the man we see God calling to partner with us. We pray, therefore, that God would bring to your mind all potential candidates you believe would be a good fit for kingdom work at South Fork.

If you have questions about South Fork or potential candidates to recommend please email or call Ron Ayers, the chairman of our search team. Ron’s email address is and his phone number is (217)414-5484. Contact information for candidates you recommend we contact will be most helpful. We will be happy to provide each candidate with out Preaching Minister Application Packet which will include an application form, job description and description of South Fork.

Thank you for helping us identify men of God well suited to preach and shepherd at South Fork.

Grace be with you,


The Preaching Minister Search Team
South Fork Church of Christ