Doctrinal statement

We Believe:

The Bible is God’s inspired written revelation of himself and his purpose for all his creation.

The God of the Bible exists as Father, Son, and Spirit. He is infinite, eternal, unchangeable, all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present, the authority over all existence, and is completely holy.

  • As father, God is the source and sustainer of all that exists and desires communion with all people.
  • As son, Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, is the only means to have fellowship with God and the hope of eternal life through his death and resurrection.
  • As spirit, the Holy Spirit, given to all Christians, empowers us for holiness and equips us for service.

Sin is any word, thought or deed that is disobedient to God’s holy nature or falls short of his expectations. Everyone has sinned and is in need of being reconciled to God.

Salvation is God’s initiative to restore fellowship with all people. It is a gift from God, freely available to all who believe Jesus is the only way to God and acknowledge him as Master. Everyone who accepts God’s offer of salvation must respond through belief, confession, repentance, and baptism for the forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The Church is globally, the living Body of Jesus Christ made up of those around the world who have been redeemed by Christ and continue Christ’s ministry on earth and locally, the community of believers which is essential to the full expression of each Christian’s faith.

Jesus will return to earth at any time to fully restore God’s kingdom, to judge non believers and to reward his disciples.

core values

God created us for Christ-centered whole-life worship.

God commands us to witness to the good news of Jesus Christ to our families, neighbors, and all nations.

God compels us to continually grow in our relationship with Jesus.

God equips us for ministry to serve one another and the world.

God designed us to worship and grow together in Christian community.

God expects us to properly and passionately study and obey Scripture.